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Quality or Quantity

Posted on 29th Jan 2014 @ 11:38 AM

Quality or Quantity.

What is your thought process when you go shopping?

We want to know people's thought process behind the products they buy, not only in the Sports Trade, but with your fashion/clothing and even your everyday needs, such as a tin of beans.

Everybody is different! Is it a case of, you buy what you can afford? Or do you just look for a bargain, to get the best of both worlds.


At John Henry Sports we believe that we have a reputation within the public as being an expensive shop. What does the word 'Expensive' mean to people? "Costing a lot of money". So going back to my original statement do you buy a quality product which lasts or do you buy a cheap product which breaks, and will need to be replaced every now and again? I guess this comes down to the individual, and also the product you are buying. For example a tin of beans, would you buy a brand such as Heinz or would you go for say Tesco Value? What factor do you consider, would it be the price, or do you go for the flavour.

With the sports industry being very competitive, and there are thousands of products to choose from what would be your thought process.

 - Can I afford it?

 - Can I buy it cheaper online or elsewhere?

 - Do I really need a 'new pair of trainers' for example.


Why do we believe we have a reputation for being expensive?

The products we sell are generally catered for the top end, people who are passionate about their sport and want a good quality product, opposed to somebody who wants a cheap and cheerful product to 'do the job'. Having said that, we do sell lower end products too. But I suppose that the customer is more likely to remember seeing a pair of football boots priced at £160 opposed to some at £35, due to the 'Shock Factor'

Example of the products we sell... We have recently stocked up on Gunn and Moore Cricket bats with the new season fast approaching. Now we have bought a Zona F2 Original, retailing at more than £350. (We would class this as top end) Now from the same company we have bought the Octane Bat in a 404, which retails at £100. This is just an example of a range of products showing that we cater for more than 1 type of person. Where this leads to now is... We have 20% off both bats, this makes us very competitive, with shops all across the UK and online shops too. Do you still consider both of the bats expensive? If yes, why?

Do you think you can get a cricket bat cheaper? If your answer is yes, then I want to refer you back to the point about buying Quality or Quantity.

Ok so let's say you walk into a well-known global sports shop. You might be able to pick up a cricket bat for £15. Ask yourself, is this bat made of English Willow? The same as the £100 and the £350 bat that we have to offer. Will the £15 bat last more than 100 runs? If you generally believe that is the case, then you have got yourself an extremely good buy. However 9 times out of 10 you will be replacing that bat constantly. Now why wouldn't you in the first place walk into our shop, get some expert advice from people who play cricket and have years of experience and can provide you with a suitable product.

Price matching

The majority of the products we have in stock are fantastic prices. You will rarely be able to go online and fine them at a cheaper price. We like to think we are not greedy with our margins, and look to provide our customers with the best prices with can give them.

On the off chance you do go online and see the product you are looking for, at a cheaper price, do they actually have it in your size? If the answer is yes, we may look at matching it for you.

You will also see that online, we will offer some crazy prices as we list complete ranges such as Athletic Spikes or Adidas Hockey sticks which we can order in for you as we do not always have the items in stock. (Delivery is 2-5 days)


Am I getting a good deal?

Is it possible to get a good deal on a product which isn't in the sale? Some products have fantastic value, and it depends on the way you look a similar products from different brands.

For example baselayers, there are a lot a companies these days making baselayers/compression garments. A good deal will depend on the purpose you want the garment to do.

Scenario 1

You are going skiing and want a baselayer type product. Do you buy a Skins A400 Compression Top priced at £75 or an Under Armour Cold Gear Compression Top for £40. I would imagine that you just want the top to keep you warm, therefore the better deal for you would be the Under Armour Top, as they are more thermal.

However say you play rugby and suffer with cramp or weak hamstrings. Would you buy the Skins A400 tight or the Under Armour Cold Gear leggings? The best deal here for you would be the Skins. Despite being more money they will be the better product for you.

Scenario 2

Choosing a cricket bat. Somebody at Gunn and Moore is paid to grade the willow. Now they are doing this based on their opinion and obviously experience. However what you like in a piece of wood may vary from the willow inspector at Gunn and Moore. So now and again we get bats come into the shop which we query the grading. For example they may have graded the bat as a 707 (Retailing around £150) but we in the shop may think it is worthy of a 909 (Retailing around £200). Now we have gone through the grading scenario having been trained by Gunn and Moore, so we do know what we are looking for. We will endeavour to tell you as customers this information, to allow you to take advantage of these great deals.


The purpose of this message..

This isn't a sales pitch, trying to convert you to use ourselves. It is more a way for us as a shop to change people's perception on the way they shop. If in the meantime you  realise that actually John Henry Sports isn't expensive then that's all the better. We would be interested in your views on shopping, either in general or your experiences at John Henry's or the sports industry in general. Do you buy Quality or Quantity?